Beaver Educational (Immigration) Consultancy Canada proffers educational solutions that will give clients an unforgettable learning experience and attainable career choices. We assist international students who aspire to acquire quality and affordable education in one of the best countries to live.

Student Services
Academic course selection and admissions
Career advice
Student Visa
Study permit applications and renewal
Student work permit
Orientation to Canada
General Welfare

Thinking about immigrating to Canada? Beaver Educational (Immigration) Consultancy Canada will assess your Canadian immigration eligibility, facilitate your application process, address your concerns and provide you with various resources that will ease your settlement in Canada.

General Immigration Services
Express entry
Provincial nominee program
Start-up visa
Immigrant investors
Work visas
Non-immigrant visas (Visitors)

We are certified and in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.Want to study or immigrate to Canada?
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From choosing the right location, academic courses and career path; I was impressed on the outcomes. The Beaver Educational Canada team was there for me right till the end. BEC Canada’s attitude felt like dealing with family. I currently work in a career which has taken me to different parts of Canada. Kudos to the BEC Canada team.